Future Held in Trust

Future Held in Trust

Future Held in Trust | published in The Port Lincoln Times August 2018

Our granddaughter Asher Lane is just over six months old.  Asher demonstrates total trust.  She can nearly sit by herself.  She rocks on her hips and gently falls, with ever waiting hands ready to catch her and prop her up, while she learns independent balance.   

Meanwhile Cadence is drawing at age 7 level, aged just 3.  Jack looked it up. She draws full bodies, not stick figures, and last week wanted to draw a baby in the Mummy’s tummy. Cadence and Asher trust totally.  That they will be cared for, nurtured and taught the lessons of life through the wisdom of family and the village that support them. Fortunately, they are.

It was Native American culture which Christopher Columbus used as a model to inform the first Constitution and democratic system.  A matriarchal society where women were the Chieftains who nominated men to the Council.  Representatives were removed for decisions not in the best interests of the community, children and land, or for crimes like violence. Women held all property and care of children. Men who married joined his wife in the Grandmother’s longhouse.  If the husband transgressed, he was sent away with his blanket. The concept of illegitimate was laughable for Native Americans, “because a child always knows who their mother is!”  

The Americans made a few tweaks.  They created a system where only men voted for men. There were legal clauses that the children (born or unborn) were “owned” by the man.  All property of the woman became the man’s and she had no right to vote, work or to her children.  

In our Western world policy decisions are sadly often made based on keeping the current government in power for just another term.  Women still fight for the right to vote or to be represented equally in democracy. Native American and other sustainable Indigenous cultures worldwide, including Aboriginal Australians, fight for land rights, recognition in Constitutions, the right to vote and equal prosperity from their land. They mostly experience extreme disparity by any measure.  I urge wise people with a long-term view everywhere to nominate to lead your community.  Our children’s future is held in trust.