Draw a line in the sand for the future

Draw a line in the sand for the future

Draw a line in the sand for the future

Draw a line in the sand for the future | first published Port Lincoln Times May  2018 

I can see it reflected in my granddaughter’s eyes as she rests against her father’s chest, hearing his heart beat.

Asher smiles a lot. Fully trusting us to make choices that ensure she is cared for and can contribute with her gifts as she grows.

I can imagine a world where people and planet are paramount, and sharing is key. Where we take a longer-term view and work with nature rather than attempting to corral it into submission.

How did we get to the point where rights of corporations overtake rights of citizens or the environment?

In Port Lincoln, South Australia, Australia and the world, we have reached the line in the sand. It is metaphoric but real.

Do we choose to continue the endless soulless search for profit through exploitative industries that pollute our oceans that create the air we breathe? Dead end choices.

On the news I see footage of shareholder meetings, rooms of grey hair and good intent. I must believe that. Where people push their companies to make choices that incorporate the quadruple bottom line – economic, environmental, social and cultural sustainability.

Or make some part of that line more important, leaving those without a voice or a vote out in the weather.

A company shareholder, with rights and responsibilities, can make decisions about the future of the company through meeting agendas. Is the focus on profit so myopic that we have lost sight of the future?

We need to question legislation and leadership promoting resource exploration and oil drilling above established fishing, agriculture and tourism industries. New Zealand has just banned offshore oil exploration to become carbon neutral. A long term view.

Look at where you stand. At our feet is a line in the sand. My granddaughters are my shareholders. It is time for a longer-term view. Our planet and people are depending on us.