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What Wisdom Whispers is Andrea’s first book, a memoir that traverses the life and lessons of a woman searching for love in all the wrong places, only to come home to find herself, where true love must reside.

What Wisdom Whispers


The story of a woman determined to navigate girlhood, get a degree and create the global adventures of her dreams. Instead, enamoured with the promise of true love forever, Andrea became a teenage bride living in a small country town.

Blessed with beautiful twins, her world shattered when she was abandoned by her abusive and unfaithful husband. Heart broken wide open, Andrea continued to search for love in all the wrong places, and confronted ultimate betrayal.

Throughout, a quiet voice whispered wise guidance. As Andrea faced the challenges her choices evoked, she cultivated a conscious appreciation of life’s profound lessons in love and forgiveness. Learning to heed What Wisdom Whispers is the story of a woman coming home.

What Wisdom Whispers

Life Lessons in Love and Forgiveness 

A Memoir


What Wisdom Whispers launches August 28 2020 in Port Lincoln South Australia


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